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METCOM Scaffolding

H Type Scaffolding System
H Type scaffolding system is a widely used scaffolding system for façades of structures, which offers a safe working environment and can be quickly erected and disassembled and easily stored and it has several advantages thanks to its structure that is fully compliant with facades.

- It can be erected securely for a height up to 100 m.
- It is erected and disassembled quickly without requiring any hand tool, allowing to save time.
- It is lightweight and can be stacked easily.
- It does not cover too much area when being stored, which allows to save space.

Multidirectional Scaffolding System
Multidirectional scaffolding system is a widely used in construction sites, industrial facilities and shipyards that can be used as a façade scaffold, volume scaffold in galleries and shafts, shoring scaffold, staircase tower and mobile scaffold by easily being in compliant with the shape of structure.

- Can be used for different purposes and offers application variety.
- Securely and easily complies with different types of structures.
- Can be mounted and disassembled by a single hammer.
- Can be used safely at any height and with any width.
- Easy to move, stack and transport.

Edge Protection System

Mobile Scaffolding System