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METCOM Glass Facade

Aluminium Composite Panel
Composite panels are installed on the main structure with special adjusted vertical clips. Walls without windows are cladded. The system also provides nano PVDF and non-flammable specialities for easy cleaning and security.

Insulated Aluminium Window Systems
Thermal insulated systems with 3 chambers.

FRAME : 55mm
VENT : 65 mm
Uf : 3,6 W/m²k
FRAME : 64mm
VENT : 74 mm
Uf : 2,8 W/m²k

Classic Facade Systems with Covers
In classic facades with covers. Glass is installed in the aluminium frames using pressure cover profiles. Therefore, when look at from outside, these cover profiles are visible.


Structural Silicon Facades
The glass is first bonded with the frame profile. Later, these frames with glass are installed in the aluminium frames. When looked from outside there is a contunious glass effect.


Transparent Spider System
Transparent - planar or spider facade system is mainly used in the places like showrooms, entrance canopies, display windows and other places where transparency is important. Glass is drilled on four corners and using stainless steel studs, is mechanically fastened to the supporting steel structure. Vertical and horizontal joints are sealed with UV resistant silicons in this system.