About Us

Metkom Group has been serving in the metal industry sector for more than 20 years.

High technological equipment, technical information support and fast delivery service. Company, which specializes in mechanical treatment, joint grouting, sizing and all kinds of decorative processing.

Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Galvanized Sheet, Black Sheet, Press Brake, CNC Fiber Laser cutting, CNC Guillotine cutting, Welding, Gas Welding, Electrostatic Powder Paint and many other sheet processing operations.

Why Metcom ?

• Fully integrated facility
• High capacity production
• Wide product range
• Alloy competencies
• High quality
• Wide machine park

• Professional service
• Support of project
• Support of Design
• Fast and timely delivery
• Reasonable prices

Quality Policy

• Respecting the environment, our employees, our solution partners and our customers.
• To follow the technological developments in our sector.
• To enable our employees to develop individually
• Being honest and fair in our relations is one of our quality policies that we will not compromise.
• We observe our highest moral values in decisions and relationships
• To fulfill the provided services within the committed time
• To provide a working environment for the employees throughout the company in which they will work with high motivation

Health, Safety & Env. Policy

• Being aware of social responsibility and environment
• Using resources effectively and rationally.
• To minimize the factors that can cause environmental pollution
• To accept the continuous development and improvement compatible with the environment as a social duty in the planning and application of all of our processes with the awareness that we have borrowed the environment where we are living in from our children
• We give annual seminars on Health, Safety and Environmental management to all our employees.